Back in 2008, I realized I’d gone as far as I was probably going to go as a CSS developer and wanted to learn some new skills, mainly Ruby on Rails and iPhone development. I had the opportunity to go to a Rails studio put on by the Pragmatic Programmers (highly recommended!), and Fatburgr was birthed out of that experience.

At first, I just wanted to have something out there that I could point to and say, “Hey, I know Rails. Look at this!” But then it became much more. The Consumerist wrote an article on it (I might have tipped them :)) and all hell broke loose. Thousands of visits later, what started out as a Rails project became a lesson in scalability. Later on, I added an iPhone interface built using Dashcode.

I earned my first C&D from Weight Watchers (I googled the WW points formula and incorporated it into the site).

It’s been featured on CNBC, which sounds way cooler than it really is (it was buried in someone’s blog and I received tens of hits from that article). Smashing Magazine did a piece on the illustrations, which were all purchased from iStockPhoto.com (The also did one on the footer’s awesomeness).

The design work was done by Danny Silvia from Stage5Studio. Amazing!


I Worked on:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • CSS
  • JQuery Table Sorting
  • iPhone - Dashcode