How to get your EIN

So you’ve formed your business – whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a corporation – and you’re ready for the next step…time to get your EIN. Your EIN is essentially a Social Security Number for your business. You’ll use it when you file your federal taxes annually, and it’s a requirement for getting a business […]

How to form a Texas LLC (even if you’re not a lawyer)

Forming an LLC in Texas can seem pretty daunting, but in reality it’s not that hard. In this post, I’ll show you how to do it.

How to render WordPress’ the_excerpt() without a p tag

How to render WordPress the_excerpt without the paragraph tag.

CSS Text Shadow

This is a great way to create a shadow on your text by using CSS instead of images. text-shadow: 10px 20px 30px #000; The first value (10px) is the horizontal offset. A positive number will offset the shadow to the right, a negative to the left. The second value (20px) is the vertical offset. A […]

Best Neighbor Ever: Great article on Mr. Rogers

Great article from CNN on why Mr. Rogers was the best neighbor ever.

A Glass of Water: How to lower your fuel consumption

How do you lower your fuel consumption? Drive as if you had a glass of water on your dashboard…and yes, there’s an app for that.

Firesheep – codebutler

If you’re at a coffee shop with an open wireless network, do NOT login to any site unless it’s secured with SSL…here’s why.

Unhear It – Get that damn song out of your head

How do you get rid of an annoying song that’s stuck in your head? Replace it with a new one!

Change length of the_excerpt()

By default, the length of the_excerpt() is 55 words. Here’s how to overwrite that.

Custom Taxonomy Pages in WordPress

How to set up a taxonomy page in WordPress.